Becky with the good flowers.

Flowers. Where on earth do you start? Those of you who know me well will know I’m not the most green-fingered person and I struggle to even keep cacti alive at the best of times. In fact one year Matt even bought me a plant pot for my birthday inscribed with the words ‘I will survive‘, just to see if he could encourage me to remember to water the plants. I obviously inherited my Dad’s knowledge of flowers and not my Mum’s love of gardening.

So when it came to choosing which flowers I wanted to include in our wedding, I was a little overwhelmed. The flowers I knew of, loved and definitely wanted to include turned out to be spring flowers; apparently not so easy to get hold of locally grown peonies or ranunculus in September! Luckily I was introduced to a lady in the know…

Enter Becky of Florae Foray, another fantastic supplier recommended to me by Aaron Collett. When I first stumbled upon photos of Becky’s work, I knew I loved what I saw. Her designs were beautiful, and ranged from traditional arrangements with a difference, to wild, boho bouquets and some examples were just completely unlike anything I’d ever seen before. I decided to make contact and get the ball rolling and was invited to an evening appointment with Becky and her Mum. (Even better – a small business Mother-Daughter dream team – girl power!)

Matt joined me for the first appointment, and we were presented with plenty of magazines, books and freshly picked home grown flowers for inspiration. We soon realised we had no idea what we wanted (not even a colour scheme had been decided at this stage) but somehow Becky managed to read me like a book and work out my likes and dislikes. It was also at this appointment that I realised I wanted a pinky/purple theme, as the flowers I was drawn to were always country garden style, romantic and light in colour.

In the week or two following our appointment, Becky pulled together a proposal and a mood board listing the flowers to include and a rough outline of costs for the size and quantity of pieces we were after. She also took the time to create a Pinterest board which was super helpful. She had populated it with ideas in line with the original brief and as I was a contributor I could also add in any ideas that I found to share with her. That Pinterest board remained private between Becky and I until after the wedding and what it was narrowed down to in the end can now be viewed here:

Florae foray pinterest Sharpe wedding2
Our joint Pinterest board to share ideas

We had a few further consultations and made some changes to the rose types and quantity of pieces required in order to suit our budget, and the end result was just sublime. Becky even assisted with some last minute requests, including a few extra pieces for my table plan and welcome sign, vases to display the bridesmaid bouquets in at the reception venue, some hammered gold bowls instead of all tall vases for the centrepieces and ribbon I believe made from recycled sari silk for the girls.

My bouquet was a hand tied, cascading bouquet which had tones of ivory and blush to complement my dress. I love foliage with bluey grey undertones, and this went so well with the colour scheme. My bouquet was just the right size and shape, not too structured and it had some of my favourite scented flowers in there including freesias.

My beautiful ivory trailing bouquet

The bridesmaid bouquets were a nod to the colour scheme, with a combination of ivory and blush blooms like mine and a few interspersed lilac and lavender tones.

Lilac and cream bridesmaid bouquet
The bridesmaid bouquets complete with silk ribbons.

Becky produced the flowers for the wedding party and the reception venue. Luckily for both of us, she had a dress rehearsal at The Orangery at Rushton Hall‘s first open weekend just a few weeks before our wedding so knew the size of the room and what would work well visually. The differing heights of the tall conical vases and the lower gold bowls worked well and I’m glad we changed to that at the last minute.


When you’re spending a good amount of money on flowers, the last thing you want to see is them go to waste once the big day is over. Becky arranged the flowers for the tall vases and head table centrepiece in plastic trays with some oasis in which meant we could easily take them home with us and many family members and friends enjoyed them for the week or two after the wedding whilst we were away on our mini moon. I have also been gifted dried flowers and cuttings from these which I can enjoy for years to come.

As previously mentioned, Becky did not produce the flowers for the church as we had a family friend volunteer to do this for us. Becky’s brief was so thorough that the church flowers tied in with the bouquets and the rest of the arrangements really well. The same kind volunteer also dismantled some of the gold bowl pieces and church flowers the day after the wedding ready for our afternoon tea party, which meant we could all enjoy them for longer.

Since the wedding, I have kept in touch with Becky on social media and was even lucky enough to attend one of her Christmas wreath making classes, which was a great day out and so much fun. The wreath itself was HUGE and such good value for money. I can’t wait to book the next one soon. If you’re looking for a florist in Northamptonshire for a wedding or any other occasion, I can wholeheartedly recommend Florae Foray. Soon, Becky will be launching her newly renovated barn for floristry appointments (and production) and I can’t wait to see it!



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